Apathy Noir - Black Soil

by Viktor Jonas

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Heavy is the head that wears the martyr’s crown Unwanted and uneasy, upon this weary brow Laden with the weight of expectations, a thankless burden that I did not choose to bear That steals away my reason, and robs me of my peace, and it will not let me be A moment of madness is all that it takes, a momentary weakness, as I begin to… break I feel like I am made of glass, always a moment from collapse And all the strength that I once had has left me, and all my hope is gone All my strength has left me, and all my hope is gone But still the cracks keep growing, deeper and deeper As I feel my body growing weaker and weaker with every breath The fractures slowly spreading, through my fragile bones This never-ending agony One wrong move and I will shatter Into a thousand broken shards That cannot be put back together One false step and I will fall apart I feel like I am made of glass, always a moment from collapse And all the strength that I once had has left me, and all my hope is gone All my strength has left me, and all my hope is gone
Samsara 06:21
This life is a journey that has no end And no beginning, as the wheel keeps turning And so we wander without purpose Searching for something that can free us from these shackles and these chains From this never-ending cycle, something to break the bars, of this gilded cage But when our footsteps falter, when we are finally laid low We are reborn again to suffer, and this is how the story always goes Each time we wear new faces, yet still we leave no traces Nothing to mark the empty pages of our lives Everything changes but somehow stays the same Everything dies only to be born again There is no greater blessing, no greater curse Than the promise of endless rebirth A life that lingers on Even though the joy of living is long gone Samsara Are we only born to suffer?
Black Soil 07:10
Bury me where I fall, and lay my bones to rest Beneath the black soil, so I may sleep the sleep of death Oh bury me, so I may sleep, in dreamless slumber, and wake no more And so I will return, to the womb that once bore me And I will feed the roots of the earth, with the essence of my body This is my flesh, this is my blood All that I am and all that I was My flaws and all my failures All of the choices I have made The consequences of my actions And I will take them to the grave Bury me where I fall, and lay my bones so deep That no-one can find me, and light can never reach Oh bury me, and let me sleep forever, in endless darkness, beneath the soil From ashes to ashes, from dust into dust we return So it is and always will be From nothing into nothing, without pause and without mercy Watching the hours as they pass, falling like rain, through the hourglass Counting the days, slipping away, the sands of time, are all that remain Oh bury me So I may sleep In dreamless slumber And wake no more
There is a void inside us all An empty space we cannot fill An endless absence that haunts us still There is a void inside us all, which binds us, defines us, and unites us as one What is our meaning, what is our purpose? These are the questions, the phantoms that haunt us. These are the thought that torment us, as we stare into the abyss We are all empty, we are lost But we are not alone No man is an island, except by his own choice For we are all united, by the substance of the void We are united by our loss By the void inside of us No matter the distance that divides us now, we are united by our loss We are all empty, we are all lost, but we are not alone We are like empty vessels adrift upon the ocean, longing for shore We long for something more Like empty pages, waiting for the coming of the word To fill the empty spaces in our lives The empty spaces that define The distant edges of the void which binds
Bloodsong 08:17
Listen closely, can you hear the melody flowing through your veins? A silent symphony of movement and motion, a wordless compulsion, an instinctive drive That orchestrates your every action, and cannot be denied This is the music of our blood, the siren song that lives inside of all of us Like an aching in your bones, an echo in your marrow The pulsing beat of your heart as it bleeds, building to a great crescendo Can you feel the music move you? Can you feel it flowing through you? Can you hear the crimson choir within you? Dying to be heard Can you hear the music? Can you hear the song? Can you hear the choir? Can you feel the urge? Speaking without language, and singing without words So listen closely, can you hear the melody? Flowing through your veins, running through your marrow The pleasure and the pain, can you hear the echo? A silent symphony of movement and motion An instinctive drive, an impulse that cannot be denied This is the music of our blood, the siren song that lives inside of us
The tower stands before us, etched against the sky A silent silhouette of stark unyielding stone Its shadows stretches out towards us, as if reaching for us, as if it calls us home As if it calls to us alone Each of us must make this journey when our time comes Each of us must travel into the stillness that lies beyond Behind that solitary door, and find our place among the ones who went before And there we will lie, beneath the open sky, exposed to the elements and the passage of time As silence descends, so do the vultures Bleached by the sun, our bones shall be gathered, and finally interred Alongside our brothers, in the depths of the earth Into the silence, we all must go Where those who went before us, wait for us still
I have seen the old gods die I have seen their idols crumble I have seen new gods arise From the ashes and the rubble I have witnessed, I have seen… The death of our hopes, the death of our dreams, all of our great works collapsing And oh what fools we have been, thinking this would last Empires rise, and empires fall, time and tide make fools of us all And the best laid plans of mice and men all come to nothing in the end Both the wicked and the divine must fall before the march of time As it was written, so it will be done Let history remember, that nothing lasts forever Empires rise, and so does the tide Only to fall again in time


released January 31, 2018

Black Soil was written and recorded between August 2016 and December 2017 in Studio Noir2 (Söderköping, Sweden). Vocals recorded in Stuck On A Name Studios (Nottingham, UK).

Music & arrangements by Viktor Jonas
Lyrics & vocal arrangements by Andy Walmsley
Produced, engineered, mixed & mastered by Viktor Jonas
Artwork photography by Arthur Kornovics
Layout & design by Viktor Jonas

Viktor Jonas - all instruments & programming
Andy Walmsley - vocals
Lars Björkens - guitar solo on track 1 & 5


all rights reserved



Viktor Jonas Söderköping, Sweden

Sorrowful Melodic Death/Doom Metal from Sweden.

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