Apathy Noir - Across Dark Waters

by Viktor Jonas

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Where no life dwells Where others have gone and yet not returned From the safe shores of home We sailed away out in the waves so wild Searching for our lives work Always at sea, generations gone by The cold winds from the ocean turned us hard The only way to live by these waters you see Is to grow cold and let the harvest bring you joy On this day a wayfarer journeyed away His men and him and some finer men too Treasure to those hard enough to sail the longest mile In the unknown, there might be a reward And the wisdom that comes from discoveries The great mist awaits us On the ocean that swallows you whole She’s taken many good lives Deceitful, yet tempting I look up ahead, looks like a storm A world of trouble heading our way and closing in fast All men positioning, regroup or we’ll die The only chance to make it out alive We have to ride the waves through the storm as she’s approaching Furious in all her might However, we did everything right But this was no storm that we’d never seen before And so we failed our duty and our ship was wrecked For a while all time stood still then all went black
When I woke up I was on a beach Unknown to me Palms, white sands... Wait, I’m not alone, a sound further in through the trees I make my way through these forest like lands - Why don’t you stay here forever; we’ve really grown fond of you. - I have a home far away. People are waiting. I have to go. We’ll settle this tomorrow. They looked at each other and they said: - Your folks they can stay as well. This island is rich and has plenty. It would serve them well from what you’ve told us. I gave it a thought while the women looked at me Suddenly I found myself kissing one the women Then we made love, all four of us. One almost clutched my heart out! The next morning a boat was ready for me That night the silence helped me get their blood They had my mind and control me I try to stay in control but The weak mind of men is seen again Now I see the familiar shore, the line of the trees and the mountains far beneath The sky is grey, but there on the islands the sky is blue Never mind, I am home
The Village 08:01
There’s a man on our shore walking towards our village Can you see him? What seems to be his intention? Is it someone we know? The distance shrink and then we could see The old familiar face of our head chief journeyman We’ve thought you were gone forever - It felt like an eternity, but I made it out alive. The rest of the crew is gone. Tonight at the town’s square, tell everyone to be there. And so the Chief went to his house and he locked the door behind him He stayed there until it was dark Fires lit the village square, all gathered now A stage for the chief to climb, made for this occasion of his return In the front, a girl was staring, he didn’t know her name but she stared Suddenly he felt a cold stroke on his neck
Constance Willow was her name She was only ten One of few children in this village beneath the grey woods She had trouble sleeping She had a vision that kept her awake When the night comes We’ll all fall down Relive the eve When the night comes We’ll all come down Release me from this deepest slumber She saw through the Chief’s eyes She felt his anxiety Something wasn’t right, but she did know what it was He spoke of a greater life that evening in the square But when he spoke he looked like he just wasn’t there. That night she didn’t sleep at all She sat and watched the waters, the ocean always made her calm Far away she could see a glimmering light When she saw what it really was - the eyes of the Sirens She knew the tale was true She had to warn the villagers, but who would believe her She decided to tell the chief, maybe he'd seen them too
Morning came, and with it the sun It's rays through glass Suddenly awake Constance remembered her thoughts last night Time to talk to the chief She went to his house, and said it was urgent And gave him a hint Before even half woke, he knew what had to be done Meet me in the forest by the big stone Where the flowers grow so wild You know, the place where we all have been children at some point in our lives Constance went to the stones and she waited for a while For the chief to tell her of the sights from the night before Once he met with Constance, he made sure she knew what he thought she knew With no one around, he cut her throat and hid her remains Of a terrible crime, he felt nothing After all he was taking his folks to a paradise Constance could have ruined my plans, she even smiled with relieve He went back to his quarters. Tired for some reason he didn’t know Where am I? This place, I don’t know… My soul will never rest again I will haunt this forest for a long time Where am I? This place, I don’t know…
Beginning of a gruesome journey The houses are empty now Belongings with them Villagers gathered from the towns square All the way down to the shore The first boats are leaving home Some of the villagers leaving for the first time of their lives To something new, unknown The word is spread about the hostile waves Swallowing the boats and eating men alive Some others say it’s only tales Something to tell to scare of the children To keep them closer to their home Tales or not, these waters are cursed The words came from one of the elder - Has anyone seen my daughter? The chief looked her way He saw a woman eyeing the crowd, as would any mother looking for her child - Chief, can you help me? She looked him straight in the eyes What happened next cannot be explained As the woman stared into the chief’s eyes His captured soul was released and the strength within him to feel Simply overcame the spell that was cast unto him His spirit was free Now he could see, his vision was clear In what seemed as a second something hit the ship, then again and again… Panic struck the masses as they saw the sirens circle their fleet Their final day Desperation swallows the villagers Trapped under water, trying to escape Do not leave the boats, or you’ll die
Dark Waters 08:40
Too late for those who dared out of fear The sirens hunted them down and took them easily Some of them tore in two before the villager’s eyes When the sirens fought over their prey Nothing can stop them now Mankind seemed doomed These monstrous beings… We could swim for our lives, but we wouldn’t make it far Even if we reach the shore they would know where we are Harpoons might work, it's our only chance Load them up! We'll catch them as we see them The chief shouted to the members of the crew What seemed like a bad idea against something so powerful As these she-devils actually worked As one of the sirens was shot in the eye And another one in the stomach And they fell into the dark waters The third siren was also shot She fell into the depths They sailed back home When they reached the land, many stood still and watched the sea Was this the end? (Rumors of lights from the waters at night Some say it’s the eyes of the sirens)


Apathy Noir's third full-length album Across Dark Waters is a concept album, dealing with the story of a fishing village chief who is lured away out on to the seas by the seductive sirens. He also crosses paths with a little girl by the name of Constance Willow (featured on the debut album A Silent Nowhere, 2008). The three sirens are hardly any strangers as they will twist your mind once again.

Musically speaking, Across Dark Waters is perhaps more of a return to the musical style of the debut album (A Silent Nowhere, 2008) and demo (Cold Endless Winter, 2006) as it focuses more on melody and less on aggression (which was the case with the previous album (Beneath the Ashen Sky, 2013). Across Dark Waters also mark the return of original vocalist Vidar Wetterhall (last featured on A Silent Nowhere, 2008).

Across Dark Waters was written and recorded between November 2013 and December 2015 in Studio Noir (Norrköping, Sweden) and Studio Noir2 (Söderköping, Sweden)

Music & arrangements by Viktor Jonas
Lyrics & vocal arrangements by Vidar Wetterhall
Produced, engineered, mixed & mastered by Viktor Jonas
Artwork, layout & design by Viktor Jonas


released January 26, 2016


all rights reserved



Viktor Jonas Söderköping, Sweden

Sorrowful Melodic Death/Doom Metal from Sweden.

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